As I started my blogging journey I have explored several ways to Make Money from Blogging. In this article on how to make money blogging for beginners, I am sharing a few of the tips which can help any beginner to generate some revenue out of their Blogging business.

Of course, the internet is filled with loads of content on this topic. But the problem arises while choosing an appropriate method and best-fit for your site. Below I have listed a few of the popular ways for Money Making from your blog.

1) Google Adsense / Ad provider

The very first idea which comes in everybody’s mind is Google Adsense. This is one of the popular methods used by most bloggers. It earns high revenue depending on the traffic of your blog. 

So if you have a very high traffic blog then this method will work fine for you and can make money from blogging.

Google Adsense is the popular platform used for this purpose, as it provides a good amount of revenue. The key factor here depends on the number of clicks and impressions on your ads. So, higher the traffic more the chances of users clicking on your ads.

Although this might be the gold mine for your money-making idea, you need to be aware of all quirks involved in getting your AdSense license approved. Also, the timeline to get it approved will vary from person to person. Mainly the Google team will go through several checks to get your Adsense approved. 

No worries there are several other ad providers. So feel free to explore other options apart from google.

2) Affiliate Marketing

If you are a product reviewer or talk about a service then this fits right into your alley. This is being used by many bloggers as a mainstream revenue. Because using affiliates doesn’t require you to have a lot of traffic. 

Hmmm, sound confusing? see affiliates are links to the products on other sites. So if a user reads your article and purchases the product you linked then you earn commission on it. 

So if you don’t want ads on your website because it can divert traffic to other sites then you can use affiliates. 

One of the popular affiliates programs is Amazon affiliates. And there are others too but Amazon is a trusted brand for the consumers. 

3) Product Promotion/ Press Releases

This happens when you become an authority of your niche or an influencer. Brands approach you to promote their product or services on your platform. Yes, this is something for advanced users. But if you already are an influencer and just started blogging then this would be relevant to you. 

But also to the beginners, this is a goal to reach. So if in future you would want to take this path you can connect with brands and promote products or services. 

4) Sell Products / Service

If you want to combine your blog with e-commerce then you can sell your products on the blog. 

It might be digital products like ebooks, online courses, webinars or any products. Even if you are a freelancer you can blog about your skill to gain potential clients. 

Talk about the products on your blog and generate leads towards to sales page. By this, you will be able to sell products easily as users will be comfortable learning about the product. 

5) Premium Membership

If you have content that has a lot of value then you can make this exclusive to premium members. This is by selling them subscriptions to access the exclusive content. 

These subscriptions based model works only if you have something which is very unique and provides a lot of value to the users. 

But if you are a beginner I wouldn’t recommend this method. Because if you are starting a blog you need to provide content for free to the public to be recognized. Later you can move towards the subscription model. 

6) Auction Products

If you are into arts, paintings blog or some antique items then you can connect your blog to auction. 

So here is how you can do it 1st write a blog about your product and connect it would auction. So people can recognize your product and learn about it and bid on the products. But if you are selecting this method to make money then choose a relevant niche. Because auctions would only be applicable to some niches. 

7) Dropshipping

Nowadays a lot of bloggers prefer drop-shipping compared to traditional e-commerce.  This is because in drop-shipping you don’t need to build or manage the shipping. When a user visits your blog and buys a product you can send orders to the third party who handles your product and shipping. So here you just write about the product and forward the orders and earn commission on it. 

Shopify is one of the popular platforms used by bloggers for drop-shipping products. 

8) Donations

If you are providing high-value content to the users then you can add a donation tab where they can donate the money. 

And if the information you provide is satisfactory for the user then they will donate money for your work. 

This donation model works well where you are providing a solution to a problem. And if the user is satisfied then they will donate. 

9) Publishing Platforms.

This is important if you are not a techie or don’t want to start your own blog and want to use a publishing platform like Medium

Medium is an online publishing platform that already has the audience and you can write your content there. 

The advantage here is you will gain an audience for your content because if you start afresh blog it’s not easy to get an audience. And in medium you will be able to make money. As the number of medium membership subscribers reads your content you will make money. 

10) Youtube

Connect your youtube channel to your blog and earn money from your youtube channel. 

This method is best for people who already have a youtube channel and want to gain an audience. Thus to make this happen you can write about your channel and the work you do there on your blog. 

So the audience of your blog will also be able to visit your youtube channel and you can earn money using that.

So these are the few methods I added to my article How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners. So if you know any other method kindly let me know in the comments below.