How to Maximize Your Router's Security

How to Maximize Your Router's Security

Rohnak Murnal
Rohnak Murnal

It is very important to keep your router secure at home or work due to the number of cyber crimes taking place. So don’t leave your router unsafe, use the tips I provide today to give it maximum security.

1. Change Default Information

When you newly purchase a router it comes with a Default username and a Default password. Many people ignore to change it and use this Default Information. But this is so insecure because most of the hacker will be having a database of default username and passwords of the specific router model.

This makes it vulnerable to use the default username and passwords. So when you purchase a router always take time to change the default username and password.

Also, don’t use the default IP address in the router to the admin panel like Change the default IP address to something different like or anything you wish to keep.

2. Upgrade your Router Firmware

Always try to keep your router updated. Soon as the manufacturer comes up with the update take your time and do it. Because there will be some security vulnerabilities which require patching. Thus the manufacturer releases the updates.

To do this in newer routers they have a facility to do it by a phone app. Other routers can open up the address or this also changes for different brands. So follow the instructions and update the firmware on the router to secure it.

So it’s better always to turn on automatic updates. So whenever the update is released it will automatically update on itself.

3. Enable WPA2 / WPA3

When you buy a new router if it already configured with WPS and WEP. Then configure it to use WPA2 / WPA3 which is strong security in the current market. The older model of routers come with WPS and WEP protocols. These are easily hackable. These come under wireless protocols.

If you use WPA2 then it is very difficult for the attacker to crack the password. Because the encryption is very strong. Ifyou device supports WPA3 then use it too because only some newer devices have it.

4. Keep your router in safe place

Always keep it inside the home somewhere in a secure location. Avoid keeping it near windows or in an outdoor location. Because if an attacker get to it physically then they can even access the information through it.

Also, Don’t leave any connecting cables connected to it open because if this cable is lying outside the home connected to your router then it can cause problems. through the cable, the hacker can get access to your information.

5. Limit the number of Users.

If there are a few users in your home who are connected to your wifi network you can also limit the number of users so that if the password gets to be known to other hacker or outsider people than the limit of people cannot be exceeded.

And thus they won’t be able to access your router due. So this is one of the ways to keep your router secure.


Kindly let me know in comments if you have any other ideas on to keep the router secure.