How to Write A Great SEO Title to Catch Visitors

How to Write A Great SEO Title to Catch Visitors

Rohnak Murnal
Rohnak Murnal

Every Blogger spends more time writing the blog and less time to craft an SEO title. But this is actually the wrong way to do it. Because the main catch for your visitors from Google is the title of your article. If your title sucks then they won’t click on it so no visiting your website.

We know organic reach matters a lot of any business and it can be done with great articles. And for an article to gain organic traffic it needs to have a Great SEO title. Because most users come from Search Engines and other social media sites first see your SEO title.
Today we will focus on how to write a great SEO title to catch your visitors.

Before we jump up to the tricks, let’s learn the basics

What is SEO Title?

The SEO title is the headline of your article which can help you rank on search engines for specific queries.

1st impression of every reader is your SEO title. After that, it’s their wish to click and read or pass on.

Some of the good practices of crafting SEO titles are.

1. Attract visitors with simplicity.

2. Keep it under 60 characters long.

3. Give each page a unique title.

Basics of HTML Tag Title

Title Tag is an element the search engines or social media sites look at on your page. This title tag houses your Title/Headline of your awesome article.

If you want to look at the title tag of your article. Right-click on any article and “View Page Source” and find

Why Title Tag is Important?

Because it provides information about the title of your article. And this is a place you would want to write the best SEO title.
Google, Bing, and other Search Engines as they provide the Search Engine Results Pages. Those results will consist of your Title Tag as the main attraction.

The title tag is gold for content marketers because using this they can write the great SEO titles.

How to change Tag Title?

After you looked at your title tag under by going to “View Page Source”. You must be wondering “I m not a programmer or a developer these are codes how do I change it”?

You don’t need to be a developer or a programmer to change your title tag if you are using WordPress as a content management system.

But if you are using plain HTML as your frontend then you need a developer or learn HTML basics to change the title tag.

As most people use WordPress and you are on it then I would suggest you use an SEO plugin like Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, RankMath.

These plugins have an editor on WordPress which will help you craft your SEO Title on the title tag.

You just need to enter your SEO title in the field and it’s done. It’s just that simple one extra step.
Most of the online businesses don’t focus on SEO Title which results in low traffic/conversations. And this extra step can make a huge different in-terms of organic traffic.

Crafting a Great SEO Title.

Be Specific

Know your audience and what they exactly need. Because if you write a title that is generally to everyone then your article won’t be able to rank higher on Google.

For example: if you are teaching guitar and want to write an article to teach it.

Don’t make your title “Learn how to play guitars”

Be specific in guitars there are types like acoustic, electric and bass. So you can write your title as “Learn how to play acoustic guitars”.

So by being specific and adding the main keyword in the title will increase your chance of ranking high.

knowing your audience is important because it will let you know if they are well knowledgeable about the topic you are writing. Or your audience has no idea about the topic. If you have the opportunity to specify in the title then great.

Like “Learn how to play guitars for beginners” this brings in the audience who have no idea and can start from scratch. Because if you are going to teach guitar tricks for experts then if a beginner visits your site they won’t be able to connect the dots. So knowing your audience and being specific helps you craft the best SEO title.

Think like Google/Search Engines

3.5 billion Google searches are made every day and have been increasing by over 10% every year. This shows us that if we think like Google and produce a better SEO title then we can easily gain traffic.

But how do you think like Google? Its very simple before creating your SEO title to do a google search for possible keywords.

Use Googles Autocomplete feature,

For example your writing about “Acoustic guitars ” type it in the google search bar. And wait for google to suggest keywords that are being searched by users.

Now in our “Acoustic guitars” query, we can see people also are looking for.

Acoustic guitars for beginners
Acoustic guitar with low action
Acoustic guitar for small hands
Acoustic guitar with thin necks

This will help you to know what people are looking for and you can craft your SEO title accordingly.

Also, Google will provide you at the end of the page “Searches Related to Acoustic guitars”. This is also a place where you will find what are the related queries people are searching for. 

So once you gain this information you will be able to craft the best SEO title. Example if you were writing an article on

“How to Play Acoustic guitars”

Now you can write

“Learn How to Play Acoustic guitars for small hands”


“Learn How to Play Acoustic guitars with low action”

Now people searching the query will know what your article is about. Be specific so that you can reach more audience using your SEO title.

Now let’s talk about the Don’ts while crafting an SEO title.

Don’t Play with Google.

When I talk about keywords people think they will be able to rank easily by stuffing keywords. If you get caught then Google will penalize your websites so don’t stuff keywords for the sake of ranking.

I have seen a lot of people using this method but the results are far more worst. Because the audience who visits your website will not gain value.

Don’t make the title look unnatural

Also, remember not to make your title look unnatural by adding keywords. This means if a keyword is added to the title it must look natural and not like it’s been added with no relation to the title. So when you craft your SEO title make it natural.

Don’t make your title too long.

As I mentioned above in the article the best length for an SEO title is under 60 characters said by Moz. So if you make it too long then your title will be truncated/cut after 60 characters. This will lead to missing title information on the search engine. And will lead to less traffic as not many people click on a title that is not complete.

Now, these are some of the methods you can use while crafting an SEO title. I hope you enjoyed the article so now it’s up to you to write a great SEO title and share your thoughts in the comments below.