How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Website

How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Website

Rohnak Murnal
Rohnak Murnal

Do you know that if you want to choose a domain name for your website it might be a tedious task? But today with some of my simple tips you will be able to select a domain name for your website quicker than before.

1) Fun and Easy to Remember

Always when you choose a domain name see to that it catches the attention of the crowd and is easy for them to remember. Because just think at times when we visit some websites whose names are hard to remember and we tend to forget it.

Just look examples or how easy it is to remember them. Yes right its fun too Yahooooo. So make it easy to remember and fun so that your audience gets it on their first visit.

2) Don’t Use Numbers, Hyphens

Not because they look shabby but sometimes it confuses the audience. And think if you have to remember a domain which consists hyphens then what do you think you would do so put yourself in the situation.

Also, numbers are not preferred because when you are speaking to someone and telling them your website then it will confuse that person if it is or This is one of the reasons numbers is not recommended in a domain name.

3) Look out for trademark infringement

This is mainly important because if you are an amateur and have no idea and this is your first website then you might end up buying a domain which is trademarked by other company.

If you end up buying such domain then the company whose trademark is infringed will file a case in the court and you need to pay a hefty penalty. So beware and always check if any such brands exist. Thus do not choose a domain name which has been trademarked already.

4) Get a .Com

This is because most of the prominent websites outside are all .com and industry people trust in .com if you are planning to run an e-commerce then this is a must.

Why I have a .one? I like it and because most of my websites are in .com and this is the only website I own with .one. So it all depends upon your choice in the end. just know what is the goal of your business and take the domain extension accordingly.

Does .com rank well in SEO? No, all sites extensions are ranked equally so there is nothing like .com ranks well. but there are people who say it does but right now in 2018, we have seen websites which are .io .me .net ranking well too. So in the end, it’s your decision.

5) Use Online tools to Gain ideas

Tools like, Thsrs and some other tools will suggest you great words from the dictionary and help you to choose a domain name.

Thesaurus will help you find synonyms words for any given word so you will be able to find alternatives for your domain. Also, Thsrs is only which will help to get shorter synonyms so if you need a short domain then it will help you.

There are also tons of tools out there like “Domain Name Generators” you can search for it. Many are free and very helpful and accessible also they have features to show available domains related to your industry.

6) Choose a Domain Name which can define your Business.

Remember when you choose a domain name it is good if it defines your business or relates to it. Because if it does then it will be easy for your customers to find you or get to know your business by you the name. Thus try to keep something which relates to your business. But sometimes if you want to create a brand then you can keep something unique which can also be easy to remember.

If you select a domain name that relates to your business then when your customer searches you on any search engine and finds your name he will be able to understand to your business.

Keeping it simple and understandable to the audience is the best way to go viral.

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