How To Create a Sitemap / XML Sitemap in 3 Steps

How To Create a Sitemap / XML Sitemap in 3 Steps

Rohnak Murnal
Rohnak Murnal

A sitemap is very important for every website because it’s like a backbone of the SEO. The sitemap is used by several search engines to index the web pages in their search results. Thus makes this a mandatory process to create a sitemap.

Step.1: Go to XML-Sitemap Website

Go here XML-Sitemap Website.

This is a free website where you can create a sitemap. I prefer this website because it creates the sitemap fast compared to other online sitemap generators I have used.

This is best free to create up to 500 pages website. But Above 500 pages they have a Pro version.

Most of the starting website is certainly less 500 pages and if you have a very huge website consisting more then 500 pages then you need to go with the Professional Version.

Step.2: Enter Your website URL / Address

After you enter the website URL and Submit. It will take some time to process all the pages on the website.

After the Process is Completed Click on “View Sitemap Details”

Step.3: Download Sitemap

Then Get the Sitemap by clicking the button “Download Your XML sitemap File”

You will get it then upload it to your website root directory and Submit the sitemap in the Google webmasters console. It’s that Simple !!!

If you don’t know how to submit the sitemap to google webmaster console check out my previous guide on “How to Add a Website on Google”.


Let me know in comments below, if you have any other queries regarding creating sitemap.